A Catch-22 situation

I’ve said on here several times that my shrinkage seems to be related to masturbation in some way.  That is, despite all accepted medical wisdom, I can’t shake the notion that there is some correlation between what I’m experiencing and the amount of times i’ve had one off the wrist.

Over the years I suppose I’ve been afairly heavy masturbator but I suppose most guys in their teens and twenties are.  I’ve asked numerous doctors if I could have damaged my penis in some way but all say no.  That makes it hard to stop.  In particular, I think I may have damaged my penile tissue by trying to masturbate too early.

I encountered a fairly late puberty and couldn’t ejaculate until I was 15.  Despite that, I was fdesperate to be like all my peers and would often try to wank before I was physically able to enjoy it.  My penis would often swell up afterwards and I’m terrified I damaged the tissue in some way.  Doctors seem dismissive when I tell them this though.  I’d love to hear from anyone who experienced something similar.

Anyway, here’s my present dilema.  My flaccid penis is about 50% what it once was in volume but erect i’m about 95%.  It’s always been reassuring to get it hard and measured to find I’m nearly at my peak.  The penis pain I experience is worse after a heavy session/proper sex with another live person so I try and refrain as much as possible.

The proble is, on days when the pain is less, the shrinkage seems worse and my penis is smaller than ever before.  This leads me to get the measuring tape out again and so on the vicuous circle goes.  That at least seems to bring some life back intot he old fella and normally reassures me.  lately, however, things have definitely taken a turn for the worse and I’m not hitting the heights I once was.

If I’ve gone a few days without seeing the organ hard then I’m terrified I’ll be much smaller than I was and all I can think about when having sex is that my girlfriend will have noticed a great difference.  This leads to insecurity and premature ejaculation.  I’m sure she’d far rather have me lasting as I used to rather than an extra couple of milimetres in girth but I just can’t shake this feeling.

I really wish I could stop masturbating/measuring for some time to see if there’s some improvement but I need the reassurance too much, especially when the flaccid atrophy continues unabatted.


4 Responses to “A Catch-22 situation”

  1. mrpaul Says:

    Hiyah Yoss,

    I really don’t think you have to concentrate so much on masturbation as being a root cause. I experience ever symptom you do, but I have only started mastrubatin( and have since stopped) for the past year or so. I began to get the symptoms about 5 yrs or so ago, waaaay before any auto arousal was begun. I’m thinking a hormonal, circulatory, stress, or genetic factor (or any deadly combination of those factors) is what’s to blame. Let’s keep trying to beat this thing.

  2. Richard Lovel Says:

    If you want to discuss the masturbation aspects of your situation, you might want to join my group for people living with chronic masturbation addiction: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OnaniaSupport/
    and also check out my blog which has a lot of articles about masturbation http://onania.org/asm/

    I also have noticed my penis shrinking with age (I’m 54), but I think that is normal. My testosterone was low but I’m taking suplements and it is back in the normal range now.

  3. happybutworried Says:

    I think you could be right but I can only relate what my experience has been and I’ve had circulatory and hormonal tests done that showed no abnormaility.

  4. A Catch-22 situation | Onania . Org/asm Says:

    […] about masturbation shrinking the penis from A Catch-22 situation « Happybutworried’s Weblog  I’ve said on here several times that my shrinkage seems to be related to masturbation in […]

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